Navigation Training

22nd of November 2015 Lysterfield


Want to improve your navigational skills or get familiar with the exciting world of maps? 


Looking forward to get into adventure races but not confident in your navigational skills? 


Navigation training is designed for beginner/intermediate navigators as well as for those who has never done any navigation based activities.








When: 9AM-12PM 22nd of November 2015 


Where: Main entrance to Lysterfield park, near the Lake here>>


What to bring: chair for the first part, running/walking gear for the second part, compass (if you do not have one options to buy or hire are available), some drinks and snacks


Cost: $39 per person. Places are limited to 15 people. Do not wait to book.

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Theory 9:00-9:40

1. How to orientate a map. Magnetic declination.

2. Map types. Legend.

3. Contour. How to read terrain.

4. Orienteering technique. Fast orienteering, precise orienteering.

5. Route choices. Algorithm of route choices for different terrain types.

6. How to prepare your map before the event  

 On site  we will talk about these topic and them implement them into practice.




Practice 9:40 AM -12:00 PM

This is specially designed exercises which practicing those knowledge you obtain during the first part.


1. Bearing.

2. Roads.

3. Contouring.

4. Short race where you can test yourself in navigation.