Team ThoughtSports/Shotz Nutrition Dominated at the Winter Challenge!

logo web site“If you are an adventure racer and you did not race in the Grampians this weekend you missed out a great event”- Rob Preston, team ThoughtSports/Shotz Nutrition said. Grampians National Park is a Victorian gem, listed in Australian National Heritage list and offers endless opportunities for those looking for some adrenalin: dramatic sandstone formations, pristine lakes and extensive net of 4wd roads.


Two adventure races and two trail running courses tested skills and endurance of participants of the Winter Challenge event which took place in the Northern part of the Grampians. Terrific sunny weather, stunning location and a meticulously set up course is what required for a perfect adventure racing weekend.
This was put together by the Melbourne based events management company Adventure Junkie. Pro course consisted of two days of racing with overnight stop and possibility to rearrange a gear and get some rest.
Lite course was a one day event intended to introduce less experienced teams to a serious challenge and giving them an opportunity to race amongst the Pro teams (who had already completed a full day of racing on Saturday).
Courses had a classic composition: trekking, mountain biking, kayaking and abseiling for the Pro teams. The fastest team was ThoughtSports/Shotz Nutrition – Rob Preston, Hugh Stodart, Josh Street and Kim Willocks. Rob and Hugh’s immaculate navigation (yes, Adventure Junkie provides two sets of maps) did not leave a chance to other teams.
Dynamite Adventure powered by recently joined, Gippsland based Tim Bootie was on ThoughtSports/Shotz Nutrition’s heels for the most of the first day, but it is hard to be better than the best.
PeakAdventure crew was not far away either but made a bad route choice on the last trekking leg and lost their chances.
Second day did not bring any surprises and ThoughtSports/Shotz Nutrition won it as they almost always do. Particularly pleasing to see Kim Willocks returning to the top racing after having two kids.
Also pleasing to see first time adventure racers No Rush from South Australia jumping straight into the two day pro course with a positive have a go attitude.
“I enjoy seeing the reactions of teams at all levels of experience crossing the line, particularly the first time racers who have likely pushed themselves further than they thought they could. There is this great sense of achievement that shines through the dust and sweat. ”– Sally Clements, volunteer.