MSS Lilydale'13 Final instructions and team list

Hope everyone is as excited as Adventure Junkie team about first MSS race in the season at Lilydale coming this Sunday! Heaps of fun, light and fast course is waiting for you out there. A few fresh ideas AJ put together for you - something that never been out is gonna hit the Lilydale tracks this Sunday!

Final event instructions could be downloaded here >>>

Team list looks quite impressive here >>> 

Also check out Lilydale race scheme and 'timing' here >>>

Equipment and everything else is pretty standard, though specifically for Lilydale race it is very important to have pe or pencil as apart of your equipment; as well mountain biking course is not technical and could be ridden on commuter bike. Road bikes are not recommended.

There is still a chance to register >>> up until Friday night, do not hesitate - see you out there!!!