Advanced training weekend snapshot

logoOk, it is time to reveal our secret training weaponry! There were lots of questions on schedule and the details, here we go - schedule is firmed up and is available at official Advanced Training Page

We stick to beautiful country accommodation, Assess Ears Lodge, as our base for those two intensely charged days. On Fri everyone is expected to arrive any time after 7 pm  and get ready for Saturday, that's all. We will meet you at cosy dinning lodge with wood fireplace.

Next day adventure begins.


We will track up Assess Ears plateau and practice navigation in rocky mountainous environment with absolutely amazing maps we've managed to source out from the VicMap. The goal is to cover distance of 5-6km, hey, don't get confused! Climbing Everest from the Base camp is only 20km, but it takes 4-5 days to reach the summit!

After lunch our training continues with some nice riding around McKenzie Falls area. This is promised to be not too hilly ride with spectacular views.

In the evening we will have our dining lodge with the fireplace lit to walk through the day and chat about all questiona you might have. We will talk through adventure racing, what was 20 years ago, where we are at and we go. We will watch a few adventure films, about remote places not many of us had a chance to visit. This evening is open for local community and we hope to get some response from local outdoor enthusiasts.

Morning would not be an easy one, again, we will trek around mt Stapylton area with different types of maps. Some more types of maps will be introduced to work out the difference between the ways area could be mapped. You would be amazed, how same scale maps could differ from each other and how very unclear features on one map become so much more visible with another type of maps. This will drammatically improve your navigation with topographical maps.

This is not finish yet, we are all confirmed with the Halls Gap based Hanging Out company to do the abseiling practice for 2 hours. Excited? So do we! Check out a few pics below:

- Assess Ears - we will climb up this mountain!

- Famous McKenzie Falls - we will ride past them

- Mt Stapylton - yes, we will be there too!

- Mapping sample, hey, is it only me so happy to see such amazing mapping?