Upper Murray Challenge and X-Marathon to proceed this November

With this week’s announcement from the Victorian and NSW  Governments giving the events green light to proceed, we can't wait to welcome you back to the adventures as we come out of lockdown.

We encourage anyone with a craving for fresh air, great company, racing excitement to join us again and experience the friendly social atmosphere, scenic terrain and magical wilderness together!


Two events are on offer this November:

Upper Murray Challenge, 20 November 2021

X-Marathon, 26-28 November 2021.


The first step is the Upper Murray Challenge, the Australian iconic Multisport race, scheduled for the 20th of November.

The Upper Murray Challenge is one of the Australian oldest and toughest One Day multisport challenges. The event combines unique regional hospitality, Snowy mountains scenery and the world-class course consisted of three fully marked sections: mountain bike, river paddle and run.

 The registration is open for individuals, pairs, relay teams and also ‘single leg’ participants- those who want to race just one section of the course.

2021 improvements include an introduction of the Novice course, live tracking for the Classic course participants and some changes for the mountain bike course.

Check out the race details and enter online>>

The next step is the X-Marathon epic expedition race which will be held on the following weekend of 26-28th November. The 36-hour gruelling course has been waiting for teams for far too long with all lockdowns and cancellations we cannot wait to introduce it to you. This expedition event is designed for teams of four and is an ultimate test for real adventure racers.

The event offers two courses: Full and Half with the 36 hours cut off time and the Half course being slightly shorter and less technical. Another major difference is a packrafting leg, which only Full course teams will complete.

Both courses are designed to be achievable for reasonably capable teams with rogaining sections placed at the end of the course to allow slower teams to drop checkpoints and complete the whole course within the 36-hour timeframes. The winners expected to finish the course in 24 hours.

The race weekend will start at registration and competency checks on Friday with the race briefing scheduled for 6 PM where you will receive course maps with pre-marked checkpoints, last-minute instructions, and get answers to any questions. The pre-packed gear that teams will access in transition areas during the race will need to be dropped for transportation soon after. The course scheme (matrix) will be available 2 weeks prior to the race and while the exact course is kept secret till the maps are distributed the rough timing of each leg and logistics scheme will allow you thoughtfully pre-pack your race gear in the comfort of your home.

Early Saturday morning you will be taken to the start of the race by bus from the race HQ. A scenic and tough linear course will start deep into the wilderness and will gradually take you back to the finish line in the Great Lakes. You will be exploring many of East Gippsland's significant and spectacular must-see gems where checkpoints most likely will be placed. The teams’ gear will be transported between transition areas by race organisers with help of volunteers and the double kayaks will be supplied as a part of the entry. Full course teams will need to provide their packrafting gear which they will be using for a thrilling downriver section on probably the best unregulated Victorian moving water.

Off-road trekking, challenging mountain biking and spectacular kayaking sections are the main activities of the race. All members of each team will have to work hard and help each other along the way in order to get the glory at the finish line, but it’s the journey that’s most important. Get ready to tell epic tales of suffering and stories of triumph and make bonds with your teammates that will not be forgotten. 

Write your own story of your voyage through the East Gippsland wilderness.