Epic Journeys and Triumphs Unfold at the Sprint Series Adventure Race in Fingal Bay, Port Stephens

An epic adventure unfolded at the Sprint Series Adventure Race in Fingal Bay, Port Stephens, exhilarating participants, and spectators. This thrilling edition of the race took teams on a captivating journey through the scenic wonders of Tomaree National Park, Fingal Beach, and Shoal Bay. 


Epic Journeys and Triumphs Unfold at the Sprint Series Adventure Race in Fingal Bay, Port Stephens


Fuelled by excitement and determination, teams set off from the iconic Fingal Bay beach, embarking on a quest to conquer a series of trekking checkpoints.

In the Classic course, teams adopted various strategies, with some opting to skip the initial optional checkpoint, while Novice course teams made a beeline for CP2. The initial leg of this adventure unfolded against the backdrop of a breathtaking coastal landscape and serene walking trails, creating an unforgettable experience that seemed orchestrated by nature itself.

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The second leg featured a kayaking escapade in Shoal Bay, where Novice course teams ventured to a single checkpoint in a protected area leading to a historical landmark. Meanwhile, Classic course teams could explore checkpoints on the opposite side of the bay. They had to overcome the challenges of ocean swells and a 3.5-kilometre crossing to reach these optional points. The reward was nothing short of extraordinary – offering racers astonishing views, a gentle sea breeze, and even a pod of dolphins extending a magical welcome.



The Novice course's third leg, a mountain biking challenge, witnessed numerous teams in fierce competition. The race remained closely contested, with a mere 10-second gap between the victorious teams, a father-son duo “The Rat Bag Kid”  Brad and 11-year-old Myles Hunter securing the top spot. The second-place team, Adventurejunkie.com.au, featured the remarkable duo of 8-year-old Alex Kurov (son of the race directors) and seasoned adventure racer and orienteer Jason Rutkowski.

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Simultaneously, an intense rivalry played out among the Classic course teams. Some opted to skip the bonus checkpoints to preserve their energy, while others embraced the challenge of conquering them all. The team RBM Multisport, comprised of Lachlan Bakewell and Robert Bennett, crossed the finish line in record time, having collected all checkpoints in under three hours.

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The second team to complete the race featured the legendary Olympian Tom Landon-Smith, who raced alongside his youngest son, Jackson. Tom's emotional journey unfolded at the finish line as he shared his story of organising a race at the same location in 2010 and not participating in adventure races himself since 2007. The rest of the family closely followed them, with Tom's partner, renowned adventure racer Alina McMaster, and their oldest son, Archie, already making his mark in adventure racing. They finished only 7 minutes behind.

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The Adventure Pirates from Victoria, represented by Kate Gavens and Tom Lothian, secured the fourth overall position and second place in the Mixed category. Their unwavering determination and skill were a testament to their passion for the race. After visiting all the checkpoints, they sprinted to the airport for their journey back to Melbourne.

tom and kate running

The undeniably challenging course tested the mettle of all participating teams, who embraced the challenge with unwavering determination.



Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the event volunteers, the Fingal Beach Lifesaving Club, the Port Stephens Council, and Ben Cirulis Photography and all team’s supporters. Their invaluable support played a pivotal role in making this event a resounding success.

The Sprint Series Adventure Race, designed to accommodate beginners and families, once again showcased its all-inclusive nature against the stunning backdrop of Fingal Bay in Port Stephens. This race caters to teams of all levels, from newcomers to elite athletes, providing an opportunity to bask in the beauty of the countryside while navigating exhilarating trails.

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The course, designed in an almost clover-leaf style, eliminates logistical challenges. Teams conveniently drop their bikes and kayaking gear (if required) at the transition area near the start and embark on an exciting journey involving kayaking, running or walking, and mountain biking. Specific checkpoints define the course, with a time penalty for those unable to locate them. In contrast, bonus checkpoints offer faster and more experienced teams an opportunity to gain bonus time deducted from their race time to calculate the result.


The Sprint Series Adventure Race concept, masterminded by Adventure Junkie since 2013, continues attracting diverse participants seeking a quick adventure fix. The Novice and Classic courses cater to different preferences, with the Novice course offering a shorter and more accessible distance for those new to the sport. This adventure race is a celebration of passion, determination, and shared moments, where families and adventure enthusiasts come together to create enduring memories amidst the splendour of nature.

The next race in the Sprint Series is scheduled for March 3 in Eurobodalla's Batemans Bay area. In the following year, the Fingal Bay event will once again welcome teams for an epic exploration in October 2024.