If someone of your friends or relatives is racing or you’re thinking about race yourself but not this time it’s a good idea to help us to organize our events. Volunteers are extremely important part of any race and your help is much appreciated.
You can look how it works inside, become part of dynamic team and enter into exciting world of adventure races, obtain some new skills and knowledge, and find new friends and interesting people. 
There are always a lot of things to do in all areas such:
  • Logistic official (help with transportation of team equipment)
  • TA officials (control time and list teams coming in and out of transition area)
  • Operation officials (help to teams between corridors and etc)
  • Media team assistant (help media guys to travel along the course, write some reports, make photos).
  • Registration officials (distribute competitors packs and register coming teams).
  • Traffic team (help with traffic arrangements on site)
  • Picking up checkpoints
Please email your interest  to info@adventurejunkie.com.au with
  • Your name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Contact details
  • Time you’re available
  • Emergency contact 
  • T-shirt size
  • Relevant skills/experience, what position you’re interested in.
  • Any medical conditions which should be taken into account.
Looking forward to meet you in our events!