New MTB course for Upper Murray Challenge 2018

Upper Murray Challenge is one of the oldest and toughest Australian Multisport races and will be held on 6th of October in the Kosciuszko National Park foothills. The race features an exciting 25 km downriver paddle, challenging run with a stunning off - road section through Mt Elliot and demanding 28 km mountain bike leg.

With less than 2 months to go we have finally confirmed a new MTB course

Over the years there has been much discussion and suggestions included moving back to the original course with the start from the remote picnic ground and comments about the course being too physically demanding within the multisport event framework. We could not please everyone but have tried to take as many opinions into account as possible and kept the race start in the town. How can we start without a coffee in Shane O’S café, right?

After numerous considerations a bunch of local athletes along with race director Serge went to Khancoban, rode all possible alternatives, checked the parma in Khancoban Inn, one more time confirming Steve Jenkin’s kitchen has the right idea how a serious work out recovery meal should look like, and designed a new course.

The final call was just made and the leg will be 28 km with 800 meters elevation gain instead of previous year 36 km with 1200 meters. The major difference is slightly shorter distance overall - paddock section of Khancoban Station loop will be substantially smaller, some single tracks will be run in opposite direction to make all more ridable and enjoyable.

The start will be at the same place - Khancoban Plaza. Participants will ride up to the famous hill along the main track, turning right as usual following powerline track up to the Cloudseeder, which will sort out those who did hill repeats and those who stuck with flat riding, then proceed to the single track extension, veering through  grass trees down the hill and then one more powerline climb. Most of the climbing will be done by the 17km mark with only 50 m left to gain on the Khancoban station farmlands.

A fast downhill to enjoy back to Khancoban, across the Alpine way and off into the farmland following the original course for 5 km. Those who raced previous editions of UMC will remember a massive open hill where no one could ride so we cut it out. Back on Charly Finlay’s land, along the river to join the first bridge, cross back how it used to be, couple of more kilometres and you are ready to pass a timing chip to your team mate if you are doing a relay or jump in to the boat and enjoy the downriver section.

Big thanks to Steve Taylor, Terry Foxcroft, Stewart White and Josh Roy - these guys were actively participating in discussing and proposing new options and developing new map for the course. We hope you enjoy it!

Event details and registration is here>>